A fucked up intro

Am I More Fucked Up Than You? Read a couple post and let me know.

But before we begin.

If you’ve found yourself here, I would be really curious as to how. What keywords did you use and why? What was your initial reaction to the title? Drop a comment and lets trade war stories!

I ask these questions because the point of this blog is not to be better (worse) but to relate to people. Hopefully from my stories and those of the people who share theirs others will get a different perspective of their own fuckedness.

Im not an expert, Im not a motivational speaker, Im not better, and Im not worse… but I am more fucked up than you.

My life has been filled with really fucked up situations. Each blog will focus on one of those fucked up situations. The biggest problem will be choosing which one to talk about first. Have you been through something similar? Was it worse than mine? Comment on it and let me know.

5 thoughts on “A fucked up intro

  1. You left a comment on my blog, so I followed to yours. I’m glad you’ve found love again. That’s good. I wouldn’t call my life fucked up though…it’s been difficult, but I’m still here to write about it. Although I don’t write about everything because some things are too hard to write yet. I’m grateful I’ve made it through so far and I’m ever hopeful that it will improve. Blogging has been great to meet others who are experiencing similar things. It’s made a friendship of sorts for me which I like. I wish you all the best with your blogging and look forward to more posts.


    1. Im sorry, i just saw your reply. Calling my life fucked up is more of a call to others rather than a pity thing. Its acknowledging things are fucked up and they have hurt me but I can and will over come them. The call is to others who have experienced the same and in many cases worse things to find strength and know they aren’t alone.


    2. And yes, finding love is amazing… finally coming to th understanding of what love is though has been the real gift. Being raised by a narcissist and being married to one gave a very twisted view of what love is. My wife is an amazing person. She loves me and sees my vulnerabilities and helps protect me rather than exploiting them.


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