Who Had My Father Arrested

Recently while in my therapist office a memory came to me. It was of the time that my Grandma planned a trip for me, my cousin, my father, and my aunt to go to Las Vegas.

Right off the bat, from the first paragraph, you can get the hint of how dysfunctional my family was. But this was par for the course. Typical of any trip that my grandparents took me and my cousin on atleast one aunt tagged along and so did my dad. I always had the impression that they came along not to spend time with the kids or their family but because otherwise they never could have afforded to go.

So in reverse order, heres the trip.

The consequence:

This would be the last trip that my grandma ever took us on

Things I found out when we got home:

According to my cousin who is 3 years younger than me snuck marijuana into my backpack that I muled unknowingly through check out. I never saw the marijuana and at the age ~14 certainly didnt smoke it so I question the validity of the story to this day. I think maybe she was trying to be cool in front of her friend.

What happened on the trip:

We rode some rides at New York New York, went to the circus type show at circus circus, and security gave us a real stern talking to after my cousin pulled a slot machine while we walked through the casino.

On the way there:

We made it about half way there when someone calmly told the stewardess that something was pouring out of the wing. She gasped and everyone else went into shock. We made an emergency stop in Denver where we found out that it had been fuel. I wasn’t too excited to get back on the plane after that but like a good codependent I kept my mouth shut.

As we’re about to take off:

We had made it to the plane without issue. Everyone was taking their seats, ours were in the middle of the 3 rows. A couple police officers boarded as well only they didnt have any luggage, only handcuffs. They put them on my dad as he verbally made a spektical of himself and the rest of us watched in horror and embarrassment.

Leading up to the trip:

My dad had been taking advantage of my grandpa for a few weeks in order to “earn” some money by “working” at his shop. I vaguely remember hearing the sum of $1500 dollars. Typical of my dad, whenever he was feeling proud of himself he could never keep his fucking mouth shut.

It would come to light that my mom had actually alerted friend of the court that he had been working and that he was going to Las Vegas. FoC alerted the cops who promptly arrested my dad right in front of me.

TLDR: my mom purposefully and knowingly had my dad arrested in front of me for $1500 dollars when at the time we easily had a household income 100k between her and my step-dad.

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