Chapter 1

She said “Hey, you wanna play a game?”

I stopped in my tracks and looked her in the eyes, which wasn’t hard cause I was already lying next to her with one hand under her head and the other resting on her hip. It was our Saturday morning tradition. Wake up, remember we love each other, respectively apologize for whatever stupid thing that she and/or I had done, and talk the morning away.

On shitty mornings the argument would flair back up. On good mornings the argument would get resolved but the root cause would linger in the air like a storm cloud but we’d weather the storm. On great mornings we’d clear the air completely and go get brunch.

On fantastic mornings, the conversation would lead to sex. Even after 7 years of marriage and a couple of feet firmly planted in our 40’s, I still couldn’t take my eyes off of her, keep my hands off of her, or get my mind off of her. Basically my mid-life crisis will consist of me sneaking around and buying gifts and expensive trips behind my wife’s back… for my wife. She will be my seven year itch.

If you knew her like I know her, you’d understand why. There’s no getting bored with her. There’s no such thing as wandering eyes. She’s completely dynamic and all-encompassing in the best and worse ways.

This woman changes, adapts, and grows constantly. Her hair, her weight, her mind, her mental and emotional state are constantly influx. You can’t figure her out or pin her down because when you’re close to her you get the privilege of seeing her constant metamorphosis from a butterfly to a more beautiful butterfly. She gains weight and is beautiful, she loses weight and is still beautiful. When she gets wrapped up in her feelings and is working through them, you can experience the exposed nerve. It comes out in her voice and her words, it shapes her body’s language, and all you can do is watch in awe as her brilliance is on display. It’s her unwavering commitment to herself that makes her incredible. She isn’t self-absorbed, she’s self-aware. She recognizes when she needs something, when her mind needs a reprieve and she’ll fight to get whatever it is that she feels she needs but not because she wants it but because she understands that the thing she needs will help her so she can be a better friend, daughter, co-worker, wife, etc.

A woman who fights for herself so that she can be a better person for others… what moron would step out on that? Not me, no fucking way. I’m enthralled with her, captivated, addicted.

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