What Life Do I Want To Live?

What I don’t want:

  1. To work for someone else
  2. To do work that doesn’t fulfil me
  3. To not experience life how and when I want
  4. To have my time dictated by forces outside of my family
  5. To have my income dependent on someone else’s direction
  6. To not have control over my own way in life

The Inverse:

  1. To work for myself
  2. For my work to benefit myself and others in a positive way
  3. To experience all of life’s people, places, and things on my ow terms
  4. To spend my time with and for my family
  5. To make money on my schedule and on my terms
  6. To depend on myself for the security, safety, and prosperity of my family

The life I want to live is one of self-sufficiency. A life where the time I spend is my time. A life where I get to choose what my priorities are. A life of prosperity and abundance. A life with God at the center. A life where my relationship with God grows.

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