The narcissist and the codependent

I should have known better. I'm at the bar hanging out with a couple friends. One was a college friend and the other was a friend from highschool. We're at a spot where I knew some people who worked there. I didnt know these people because I was cool, charismatic, or had a lot of … Continue reading The narcissist and the codependent

My choices

I woke up from a dream tonight that sent me deep into a rabbit hole of self inspection. Basically, over the last couple months, I've been exploring the patterns I follow. Tonight I think my subconscious was trying to open another door for me. The dream: I was sitting in a large-ish room with quite … Continue reading My choices


I'm laying here again... awake. Tired with my mind running at 100mph, while your mind drifts to sleep. I'm laying here again... frustrated. Angry with my heart pounding 100bps, while your breath reaches a slow rhythm. I'm laying here again... hurt. My emotions spinning in circles at 100rpm, while your body is steady and still. … Continue reading Again

Alcoholism – The Father Addition

First things first. If you are reading this and struggling with alcoholism please know that there are people that love you. You are NOT alone. You are not a fuck up or a loser. If you're ready for help, it's ready for you. ‐-----------------‐-------------------------------- You could feel the mood in the room change. The light … Continue reading Alcoholism – The Father Addition