The MostFucked is Fucking Back Baby!

Holy shit does it feel good to be back... for a minute I actually thought I wasn't fucked up anymore. But can people really change? Can people really heal? Can people evolve? FUCK YES. I am NOT the same. I HAVE changed and I HAVE healed from whole lot of the things that hurt me. … Continue reading The MostFucked is Fucking Back Baby!

Step-dad; The Bad Ass Edition

This was my first encounter with my 2nd step-dad: I was with my 1st step-dad, who I will most likely never speak about again, when I first saw the man who would become the most influential man I would ever know. SD#1 and my mom had recently divorced and while I genuinely thought of him … Continue reading Step-dad; The Bad Ass Edition

The narcissist and the codependent

I should have known better. I'm at the bar hanging out with a couple friends. One was a college friend and the other was a friend from highschool. We're at a spot where I knew some people who worked there. I didnt know these people because I was cool, charismatic, or had a lot of … Continue reading The narcissist and the codependent

My choices

I woke up from a dream tonight that sent me deep into a rabbit hole of self inspection. Basically, over the last couple months, I've been exploring the patterns I follow. Tonight I think my subconscious was trying to open another door for me. The dream: I was sitting in a large-ish room with quite … Continue reading My choices

#4; The worst day of my life.

I've never been more sad. I've never been more frightened. Sadness with the velocity of a bullet. Fear with the force of a shotgun blast. Suicide #4: I'd like to think that the worst day of my life contained more feelings than simply sadness and fear. It would make for beautiful sentences; stringing powerful adjectives … Continue reading #4; The worst day of my life.