me and white supremacy

Day #1

Journaling Questions
What have you learned about You & White Privilege?

  • What have you learned about you and your specific white privilege: How it shows up, how you hold on to it, how you use it (consciously or unconsciously) against BIPOC?
    • More importantly then learning that I benefit from white privilege is that I play a part in continuing and strengthening the construct. This happens not necessarily from taking advantage of the system but from not ensuring that the system works equally for BIPOC. Specific example?
  • How do you benefit from white privilege, and how you have held onto that benefit (despite knowing the harm it does)?
    • I benefit from white privilege by being able to move through difficult situations by using humor and flattery. When in the company of BIPOC (Ken at work or with Emily in the world) I run the risk of discrediting or diminishing their experience and/or making it difficult for them express themselves.
  • What have you learned about the ways you specifically wield this privilege that do harm (whether intended or not)? Dig deep. No sugar coating and no focusing on the good you have done with your privilege. Remember: this isn’t about being self-congratulatory, it’s about pulling out white supremacy.
    • I allowed my white boss to discredit our black IT professional. I made a weak attempt to stick up for him but I should have pushed more.
  • What have you learned about your white privilege that makes you uncomfortable?
    • I don’t feel uncomfortable yet. I think this is because either 1. I’ve come to terms with my white privilege to a certain point (not completely) 2. I haven’t clearly identified all of the ways I have used my white privilege to the detriment of BIPOC.

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